• What is the "Mustaqbly" program?

Mustaqbly is Lamas Management Consulting's career assessment program. It is a highly reliable, scientifically proven approach, that provides essential guidance for you in the selection of the most suitable college, university and career options.

  • The best careers are based on:
    Passion – Capability - Opportunity - Reward

Our career assessment program identifies your capabilities, motivation, learning style and career interests in relation to these four elements, thus ensuring a focus on what is right for you.

We use a number of validated, reliable tools to assess your aptitudes, motivation, learning style and career interests to help you make the best possible educational and career decisions. We follow this up with a detailed face to face discussion with one of our senior career consultants. It can take as little as ten working days from registration to collection of your valuable career assessment report.

  • Why do you need this?

Research shows that:

  • A high percentage of college attendees drop out, many at the end of the first year.
  • The most common reason students drop out is because “they don’t know what they want to do”.
  • More than 50% of college graduates pursue careers not related to their majors.
  • Costs of education have risen significantly over the last decade.
  • A large percentage of college graduates shift careers at a later stage.

(Sources: OECD, US College Board survey, UK Business,Innovation & Skills Dept.)

Confusion over the best educational and career options leads to poor choices and dropping out /
re starting courses and jobs, sometimes for years. All this means lost time, increased cost and
disappointment for parents and young people.


  • Deputy Head Master – A leading International School in Jeddah
  • “This is a high quality, and precise , career assessment program.”
  • “I am very impressed with the final career assessment report.”
  • “I can clearly see each individual reflected in their report.”
  • “These kids are very fortunate to go through this process.”
  • “This is world class quality.”
  • Parents
  • “It gave us food for thought.”
  • “Our daughter always thought she would be a lawyer, but by the end of Mustaqbly she realized there were several career options that were more suitable to her capabilities and interests.”
  • “I can see the value of not from this program from the first instant. With the consultant, alongside my daughter, this showed me that the consultant is highly professional and the program works.”
  • “Mustaqbly is a very valuable program. The value of the program is much greater than its price.”
  • Students
  • ”You have made me aware of career options I never thought about.”
  • “The results are very accurate.”
  • “The report really helps me see the way forward.”
  • “The assessments were easy to answer and to the point.”
  • “Mustaqbly is very easy to follow and my favorite part of the program was meeting with the consultant.”